What is Zer0Forge?

Zer0Forge is an alternative game engine based on the Dungeons and Dragons 5e framework.  The system started as the development of some homebrew material that spiraled into an entire customized system. 

I’ve decided to compile and upload the system both as a centralized reference for my own players, but also because I feel it has reached a point that the only way for it to evolve further is with a larger pool of DMs and Players refitting the content for their tables.

What was wrong with 5e?

Short answer: Nothing.  Dungeons and Dragons 5e, as well as the previous editions, all have their merits.  5e in and of itself is a solid system.  Still, like with any system, there were certain aspects I felt were either lacking or ruled differently then I would have done.  That being said, 5e is a great system and I would still play at a table running it without hesitation.

Then why make this?

Originally, this just started as trying to make a custom class.  Then, that got upgraded to custom class templates for the 5e rule system.  That evolved to a new system to remove leveling to allow for even more versatility in class creation.  Then that had a domino effect into other rules as to allow for even greater variety of character creation concepts. 

In short, why should I use this system?

This system is designed to make completely custom characters without making concessions or wasting multiple levels in multi-classing.

What does this system bring to my table?

A completely versatile Class system that removes the need for optional multi-class or feat rules.

A level-less progression system that helps make balancing encounters for your party much simpler.

New rules for races that allow your players to play any race they want without feeling locked to a specific type of character.

Progressive racial traits that can synergize with a character’s class.

Alternative rules for AC, providing a system where armor protects you from damage dealt, rather then makes you harder to hit, without slowing combat down with extra steps. 

Additional combat options like Sundering and Called Shots without hindering the pace of combat.

Consistent rules for handling changes in size categories.

New conditions for characters to overcome, as well as a system for broken bones.

A revised magic system that allows customization of spells for themed casters.

Is there any way I can support this system?


Art, graphic and media consultation, Session Zer0 hopes to be a source of tolerance and inclusion, working with clients to expand on diverse representation in the gaming industry as a whole.