Where as a character’s background determines the path they took in life, the character’s class represents who they are now.  From raging barbarians to crafty rogues and powerful wizards, all these abilities are summed up in their classes letting both DM and players understand how these features work in, bend or even create rules at your game table.

The point of the Zer0Forge class system is to remove the cookie cutter feel and restrictiveness of character creation from your TTRPG experience.  With guidelines on how to customize a character’s class, a player can create any character the desire without compromise.

Creating a Class

Under Construction


What is this class about?  What function does it serve and why were these sets of skills compiled together?  Knowing the answers to these questions make determining the features of a class far easier then working from features to concept.

Saving Throws

Each class has two associated ability scores that define their character.  Choose which two ability scores those are.  A character of this class will gain proficiency in those ability scores.

Starting Gear

Any gear a character would have acquired in their training.  Weapons, armor, magical focuses, tools and the like.  

Starting Features

These are a character’s bread and butter.  What sets them apart from the other classes and professions.  From spells, extra attacks, damage boosts and more, class features are what identify a character.

When determining starting features for a new class, one should always adopt a “less is more” practice.  With the Zer0Forge system, it is easy to increase a feature that’s under-performing, but it bad form to remove features from a player because the character came out of the gate too hot and overshadowed the other players.  It is also good practice to include values in these features that can grow as the character progresses, but this is not always needed if it does not fit the feature.

Progressive Features

Not all features are readily available to a character when they start adventuring, and not all their starting features are at full strength.  Progressive features are the abilities gained as the character continues training through their adventures.  Among the custom features developed for a class, other progressive features every character class should get include:

  • Proficiency score increases
  • Ability score increases
  • Max feature pool increases

Pre-Made Classes


Rage Barbarian


2-Handed weapon fighter

Scimitar dancer



Poison rogue





Dream summoner




Bomb alchemist

Mutagen alchemist

Ice Wizard


Monster tamer


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