Party Pride

Six designs for every member of your party, available in every color of the Pride flag (including the Black, Brown, Pink and Lt Blue of the Progress flag), you can now show your support for LGBTQ+ and Gamers of Color in your community.

Product Overview

The Party Pride shirts are a collection of shirts designed to represent the varied roles one might take in their favorite table top or MMO RPGs.  There is one for every classification, and are available in a wide range of colors to fit a multitude of clothing styles.  The design of the shirts were made to be simplistic, recognizable to any other gamers but also to show pride and support for LGBTQ+ gamers and gamers of color by being available in the colors of the Pride and Progress flags.  By limiting the color of each shirt to 1 color from those flags, the shirts can fit and match any color scheme already in your wardrobe.


In addition to showing support to your local LGBTQ+ community and Gamers of Color, profits from the shirts also get donated to nation wide charities to help those same communities.

$1 of every sale is donated to The Trevor Project, who provide much needed help and resources to young members of the LGBTQ+ communities that may not have anywhere or anyone else to turn to.  Started in 1998, The Trevor project has grown to over 150 volunteers at two call centers in the US which answered almost 75,000 calls in 2018 alone. 

$1 of every sale will also be donated to The Minnesota Freedom Fund, who assist in paying criminal bail and immigration bond for those who are unable to do it themselves.  The Minnesota Freedom fund helps individuals who may have been targeted based on the color of their skin keep their employment and housing while waiting for the legal proceedings to pass while working to end discrimination in our legal system.

Art, graphic and media consultation, Session Zer0 hopes to be a source of tolerance and inclusion, working with clients to expand on diverse representation in the gaming industry as a whole.